Who Is Responsible For The Mental Health Issue?

When it comes to Mental Illness, as a society, we tend to think that it is the problem of those that are Mentally Ill, or someone else's problem.

We either want those that are mentally ill to deal with their own mental illness, we expect the professional community to do all the work, or we want the government to come up with a game plan for fixing it.

After all, you and I have our own problems. Why should we have to deal with Mental Illness?

If you are not mentally ill, how and why does Mental Illness effect you, and why should you even care?

The Truth is that Mental Health affects us all!

We call this the Trickle Down effect. 

Mr Cellophane

If you want to get inside the head of someone that has Avoidant Personality  & learn a little about how they think and feel, check out this video from a movie called "Chicago".

In the movie, Mr Cellphone is the husband of Roxie Hart. He feels like he is invisible because no one even notices him, which is classic symptom of Avoidant Personality (Avp).

About Us

What we do

We focus on a condition called Avoidant Personality (aka Avpd, SAD, Avoidance, or Social Anxiety). 

Avpd is a container. Open it up, and inside, you will find Major Depression, Severe Social Anxiety, Fear of People, Fear of Authority and many other phobias. 

This makes Avpd of the worst mental disorders there is. Avpd affects about 1% (Some sources say 5%) of the population of the world, or about 65 million people.

According to most therapists, there is no cure for Avpd. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is 4 fold

#1 Research Avpd by contacting as many Avoidants as possible and tabulating as much data as possible about their lives, their struggles, and their successes.

#2 Research Normals that are in a relationship with someone that has Avpd by contacting as many as possible and tabulating as much data as possible about their lives, their struggles, and their successes.

#3 Teach Avoidants & Normals about how they can find the path to healing.

#4 Raise Awareness of Avoidant Personality (Avpd) & the struggle that Normals face trying to be in a successful relationship with Avoidants

We teach individuals, Families, Churches, and anyone else that is interested in learning, about Avpd, and how to find the path to healing.

My name is Phillip. I have Avoidant Personality Disorder (Avpd), but I have found the path to healing from it. Now I am on a mission to help others find the way out.

A "Normal" is anyone that does not have Avpd, or a related Disorder. My wife has a passion to share with others what she has learned to survive being in a relationship with someone that has Avpd.


I am not a Counselor, Therapist, or any other sort of professional. I do not claim to be an expert in these fields.

What I am an expert on is;

  • Having Avoidant Personality
  • Living with Avoidant Personality
  • How to find the path to healing from Avoidant Personality

Phillip is a Mental Health Pastor. Phillip was born with Avoidant Personality and Major Depression, but like most, the condition did not become full blown until later in life.

Phillip is an Author, a Pastor, & a Public Speaker. Phillip is the founder of Avoidant Personality Research & Teaching Center,

Phillip attended several colleges including;

Phillip also owns a Business Consulting Business in Meridian Idaho and is a Veteran of the US Air Force.

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