Why Advocare?

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of these vitamin supplements because I take them myself and I have since 2003.

I have suffered from a mental disorder called Avoidant Personality  (Avpd) all my life. Avpd includes things like Major Depression, Social  Anxiety, Fear of Authority and a host of other issues.

To read up on what Avpd is, click here.

There is no research at all on Avpd, what causes it, much less any  potential treatments, or hope of a cure. I read, asked around, and  talked to many so-called professionals that all said the same thing. I  was told there is no cure for Avpd and the only hope was to go to  countless therapy sessions and take drugs.

I thought, well since these professionals are recommending this, they  must know what they are talking about. I decided to take them up on  their recommendation and take the drug my doctor prescribed to me.

The very first night I took the pills, I laid in my bed and felt like  I was going to die. It was so bad, that I had my wife take me to the  emergency room. I was diagnosed with Vertigo. If you have ever had this,  it’s not a simple dizziness like you see in the movies. I literally  felt that I was dying.

I researched the drugs that my doctor had prescribed me, as well as  many other drugs, that were supposed to help. I was shocked to find  things like: "This drug may cause depressive thoughts and thoughts of  suicide".

In fact, every single drug for depression and related mental  conditions said the exact same thing, as well as listing a host of other very bad side effects including death.

I thought " You have to be kidding me! 

I have major depression and I am seeking relief from this. You want me to take drugs that could  make my depression worse and even cause me to want to kill myself?"

Needless to say, after this, I began my quest for answers. I decided  that if the professional community was incapable of finding answers, it  was my responsibility to find them myself.

I spent many years searching for something that would help. 

I went to  Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturist, and I tried a host of  medicines. I even tried several over-the-counter vitamins that you can  get at most any retailer.

The reason why I thought that vitamins would help is because in my  research, and speaking with others that have Avpd and related disorders,  I found that many have very poor diets, so I thought that vitamins  would help.

One day my wife, God love her, suggested that maybe the problem was that I was taking the wrong vitamins. She suggested that I try some  called Advocare MNS. 

I checked them out on their web site and found that they are very  expensive. But I thought to myself that if they worked, the cost would  be well worth it. I bought my 1st box and tried them.

The difference it made in my outlook on life and my depression was  amazing. Now I won’t say it healed me, but it certainly took the edge  off.

My wife calls them my happy pills!

I have taken them ever since and I will not stop. Anytime I do,  usually because I ran out, I notice the difference instantly. Now not  only do I take these, but I also am an authorized reseller.

Now I have to make a disclaimer here. Advocare does not heal Avpd,  Depression, Social Anxiety, or any other mental disorder. Advocare MNS  did wonders for me and my mood.  If you struggle with Avpd, Major  Depression, or any other of these symptoms, I highly recommend them.


Below Are Things That May Help

Coaching Sessions 

We offer couching sessions. In these sessions, ask anything you wish. We will work with you to find the path you need to overcome Avoidant Personality. 


The book is not ready just yet, but when it is, it will help you by giving you real examples from Phillip's life, and then follow that up with practical teachings and ways you can deal with Avoidant Personality. 


Advocare are the Happy Pills that I found that helped me tremendously. They do not cure Avoidance, but they did take the edge off from my Avoidance. 


Everyone is different. We all have different body types and different body chemistries. It’s possible that these vitamins may work differently for you than they did me. It’s also  possible that you might not see results as quickly as I did. I very  strongly recommend that you give them for at least a week. 

What have you  got to lose!