Avoidant Personality Is Not A Disorder !

Avpd stands for Avoidant Personality Disorder, but you will notice that we do not refer to it as a Disorder. 

The reason for this is because its not a disorder!

A Disorder is something that is defective, is permanent, and cannot be fixed.


We still refer to this condition as Avpd, simply because this is what it is commonly known by so people wanting information will be able to find us.

Our preference is to refer to the condition as Avp for Avoidant Personality, and leave off the Disorder part. because it's inaccurate and a bad label.

People that have Avp are not Defective and do not have a Disorder. They simply have a condition where their brains are not working correctly, 

It is the same as having Cancer, Diabetes or any other medical condition that can be corrected!

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