Should I Tell People That I Have Avoidant Personality?


Did I Get Your Attention?

Usually, when we hear of people thinking about Coming Out Of the Closet, we think of them struggling with telling people that are gay or lesbian. 

There are others issues though that carry just as much of a stigma, and can be just as much of a dilemma of if you should tell people.

Telling the world that you have Avoidant Personality is one of them. The 1st issue though with this if getting officially diagnosed


Should I get officially diagnosed?

Getting officially diagnosed with Avoidant Personality can be both a blessing and a curse.

One the one hand, its good to know who you are and what you are dealing with.

"Know Thyself"

When I was in early adulthood, before I got diagnosed, I just thought I was weird. I thought that I was the only only one in the world that suffered from the issues I suffered from. 

A friend of mine told me about the book below.


Please Understand Me

Even though this book, is not about Avoidant Personality, it is a very good start. It has an excellent test that you take.

When I took the test, it nailed me to a tee. It does not mention Avpd, but it it helped me realize  who I was and that I was not alone.

I recommend the 1st edition and not the 2nd.

Double Edged Sword

Getting officially diagnosed with Avoidant Personality can be a double edged sword.

While it is good to know who you are, and what you are dealing with, you are also carrying around a label that says you are an Avoidant.

Its a bit like a self fulfilling prophecy. If you tell a child that are stupid long enough, they will become stupid. If you tell a child they can do anything long enough, they will grow up believing they can accomplish anything.

Its the same with Avpd. 

Not knowing the issues you have is bad because if you don't know the problems, you cant work on fixing them. 

But knowing you have Avpd can be a problem as well if you let Avpd define who you are.

Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Should I tell People I have Avoidant Personality?


Telling people you have Avoidant Personality is tricky. 


If you have a very close friend, family member, you can consider telling them. 

If the person is your mate, this is a must. 

They must know what you are going through, or they will just think you are a jerk. Your mate deserves to know that the reason you treat them badly is because you have a condition known as Avoidant Personality.

Then it is their responsibility to find out what Avpd is learn how to help you.


Be very careful though who you tell about your Avoidance. For example. unless you have a very understanding boss, it would be a bad idea to let your boss know you have Avoidant Personality. 

A boss is not going to want someone working for them that has trouble comprehending things they say and cant talk to them or fellow employees.

Likewise, family and friends might not understand your condition and might just want to avoid you because you are different, and they don't understand you. They might think they will catch Avoidance.

So I advise being very careful who you tell!


Things That Will Help

Below are many things that may help.

Coaching Sessions

We offer couching sessions. In these sessions, ask anything you wish. We will work with you to find the path you need to overcome Avoidant Personality.


The book is not ready just yet, but when it is, it will help you by giving you real examples from Phillip's life, and then follow that up with practical teachings and ways you can deal with Avoidant Personaltiy


Advocare are the Happy Pills that I found that helped me tremendously. They do not cure Avodance, but they did take the edge off from my Avodance.