We are always looking for good people to join us!  

If you feel that you have a similar vision to ours and want to join us, please contact me and let me know. 

Right now, we cannot afford to pay you for these positions. We are a 501c3 non-profit, so any work that you do for us can be a tax deduction.

For the Grant Writer position, we might be able to offer a portion of any grant you win for us as compensation. 


Join Us

Web Designer/Master


We need someone to keep developing this web site & manage it

Marketing Expert


We need someone that has marketing/advertising experience to get the word out about this center

Grant Researcher & Writer


There are a lot of grants out there. We need someone to find the grants that apply to what we are doing & apply for those grants

Board Members


We are looking for 1 to 4 board members. Members can be remote, or local to Boise, Idaho area. 

Book Publisher


The book is about 50% done. We need someone to publish it once its complete which we estimate to be around the 1st quarter of 2020

Online Classes Developer


We need someone to work with us to develop online classes

Visionaries to Join Us


There are very few Ministries out there that focus on Mental Health.

There are even fewer Churches out there that deal with Mental Health issues or disorders.  

Mental Health Professionals


Since we are working in the Mental Health Field, it would be great to have some additional Mental Health Professionals to work with us

Google PPC/ Grant Specialist


We have a Google Grant that is used for Google PPC Adds. 

This campaign needs to be managed, and new adds written.

Podcast Manager


We run a monthly podcast for those with Avpd and Normals that are trying to be in a relationship with someone that has Avpd. 

Right now we use Blog Talk Radio for these podcasts. I am open though to hosting this on another platform.

We need someone that can manage these podcasts for us and keep them posted and updated on the web site.

Co Host for Podcast


I do a monthly podcast on Avoidant Personality Disorder and related conditions.

I need a co-host for the show because it brings a really nice dynamic to the show rather than just me talking for 30 minutes.

I am the one that had Avpd & recovered from it, so the co-host must be a "Normal". 

A Normal is what I call anyone that does not have Avpd, or a related disorder.

The ideal person in my mind is someone that knows something about Avpd, or is willing to learn.

Even better yet would be a Normal that is in a relationship with someone that has Avpd.

If you feel that this is you, or that you are this person, please contact me and let's talk!

Product Designer


We have sevaral products that need developing

Event To Raise Awareness And Funds For Avoidant Personality


There are many rallies for various causes like Cancer Awareness, Breast Cancer and many others. 

These are held locally, but could just as easily be held in other areas as long as it was coordinated and put together by the right person.

Such a rally could not only bring tons of awareness to Avoidant Personality Disorder effectively bringing it out of the closet, but could also bring in much needed funds so that we can accomplish more of what God is asking us to do.

To put on such a rally we need someone that cares about Avoidant Personality and about the Normals that are in relationships with those that have Avoidance. We need someone that has the vision from God to spread the word about Avoidant Personality and wants to see God's work furthered.

If you are this person, or you know someone that might be, please contact me today! Phillip@Avoidants.org