How Avoidance Effects Kids & Teens

There is a decent amount of information out there about Avoidant Personalty and how it effects the Avoidant. But...

There is very little info on the internet about on how Avoidance effects Normals, Kids & Teens.

Normals, Teens and Kids are just as much as victim of this condition as the Avoidance. Everything that effects the Avoidant, also effects the Normal, Teen, and Child. It's called the Trickle Down Effect.

This assumes the child, or teen is living in a situation where one parent, usually the man, has Avoidant Personality. 

We will also be covering here Children & Teens that do not live with an Avoidant parent, but are displaying symptoms of Avoidance, or a related condition like Major Depression, Severe Social Anxiety, etc...

This area is still under construction, so please check back soon.