I have been going to Church all my life, around 40 years. In the past, Mental Health has been a taboo subject in the Church. 

No one talked about it ever!

 To do so was akin to Spiritual Suicide, because you must not have read your Bible and knew that according to Jesus, you are already healed.  

If you struggled with Depression, Social Anxiety, Fear of people, or any mental affliction, you either suffered in silence, and put on a happy face when attending your local Church, or you just didnt go.

Most just don't go because they feel condemned by the Church and left out. Cancer, Back issues and other physical problems get talked about, and prayed for, all the time. 

But when it comes to Mental Health, Forget About it!

So you end up feeling like you are defective, and God does not care about you enough to offer any help. He only cares about taking care of the easy stuff.

So whats the point or even going, right?

What in the World is a Mental Health Pastor?


Let's face it folks, us pastors and others in the church dropped the ball. Actually, most did not even know the ball of Mental Health even existed. 

Somehow in all those passages in the Bible where God talks about mental health, we must have just been asleep.

It's not the 1st time the Church has missed things. To be fair, the Church is made up of, and run by, people. 

If you have not noticed, we often miss things, do dumb things, and we need a swift kick in the pants before we wake up and get it right. 


To the Churches credit, we have finally caught on that we need to be offering Mental Health, as well as physical care.

We finally realized, after reading our Bible a bit more carefully, that we need to be praying for God to heal Mental Health issues as well as physical ones.

We are in good company though. It took Thomas Edison 1000 tries to invent the Electric Light Bulb. 

When asked what it felt like to fail 999 times; He said, I did not fail 999 times. I invented a light bulb that had 1000 steps.


Onto the stage comes Mental Health Pastors. 

This is a pretty new category of Pastors. We are Pastors that know Mental Health, have struggled with Mental Health issues, understand how to find healing from them, and know how to use more than the Bible (Logic) and other sources) to prove our point. 

It is my hope and prayer that in the future, this will not just be a category of Pastor, but we can spread our knowledge to the entire Church.