How Many Avoidants Are There & Where Are They?

If you have looked around the web to try to find information on how many Avoidants are in the world, and where you can find them, you have probably been pretty frustrated and confused. 


The numbers you will find range anywhere from 1% to 5% of the population of the world that has Avpd. 

There are good reasons for this discrepancy.

People that have Avpd tend to hide and not get diagnosed. This makes obtaining actual hard numbers down right impossible. 

It's not like we have therapist, or census takers, that can go door to door to every home in the US, and the world, asking everyone: "Do you have Avoidant Personality?

It might be nice if we did, but this is just not possible. because we live in a Democracy where we are free to hide who we really are, and we have a thing called Privacy Laws that protect us so can don't have to tell people what you don't want them to know.

Plus there are potential repercussions to "Coming Out Of The Closet". We live in a society where Avoidants are hiding in plain sight everywhere.

Avoidants are like chameleons. They can change colors (Who they really are) to hide their symptoms when they want to. 

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How Many Have Avpd?

Where are they?

Age Range


Other Factors


Things That May Help

Coaching Sessions

We offer couching sessions. In these sessions, ask anything you wish. We will work with you to find the path you need to overcome Avoidant Personality.  


The book is not ready just yet, but when it is, it will help you by giving you real examples from Phillip's life, and then follow that up with practical teachings and ways you can deal with Avoidant Personality.


Advocare are the Happy Pills that I found that helped me tremendously. They do not cure Avodance, but they did take the edge off from my Avodance.