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We have some products in our store that may help you in your journey to overcome Avpd.  

We have plans to add more in the coming months, so please join our mailing list to stay informed.

Our Current Products


Book - Avoiding Life

Book - Avoiding Life

Book - Avoiding Life

The book Avoiding Life is scheduled to be out by the 1st quarter or next year.

What makes this book different from others are 2 things.

  • First it is not written by a therapist, or other professional. It is written is regular normal every day language.
  • Second, it is written by an Avoidant that has lived with Avpd for over 40 years. Phillip understands the struggles you are facing, and what it is going to take to overcome Avoidant Personality.



Book - Avoiding Life

Book - Avoiding Life

Nutrition plays a major role in brain health and Mental Health. 

We have found that many Avoidants have poor diets. 

Diets consisting of meat and potatoes, with little, to no, veggies, or fruit.

This poor diet creates an unbalance in the brain and can cause Depression, Social Anxiety and more.

Advocare is not a magic pill that will cure your Avoidant Personality!

Advocare helped me when nothing else did.

Don't waste your time with Over-The-Counter Vitamins. Give Advocare a try and please let us know how they worked for you.


Coaching Sessions

Book - Avoiding Life

Coaching Sessions

If you have a question, please feel free to contact us.

If you interested in more in-depth coaching, we offer several options for this.

These coaching sessions can be for the Avoidant, or the Normal.

just pick the one that you feel that you need.

We offer these sessions for 

  • 1 email
  • 5 emails
  • 6 months of unlimited emails
  • 1 years of unlimited emails
  • Unlimited emails for as long as you need us. We will be your Dr House and stay with you until you are well on the way to overcoming Avpd.

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