What Causes Avoidant Personality?

If you have done any research on Avoidant Personality, you have been officially diagnosed with it, or you have talked to professionals, you have seen, heard, and maybe even been told that; 

No One Has knows What Causes Mental Conditions like Avpd, much what causes them.


The problem is that there are several possibilities of why you developed Avpd or another mental conditions. 

It's impossible to pin point any one as the cause. It's more likely that it is a combination of issues.

There Are Several Possibilities



If  you have Avpd, or another mental condition, there is a very good chance that someone in your family has it as well.. For me, both my mom and one of my brothers have Avoidant Personality.. 

Genetics is an awesome thing, It passes on lots of good things like your eye color, your hair color, your height, your likes and dislikes and much more.

Unfortunately, Genetics can also pass on a lot that we would prefer it didn't. Like;

  • Being a picky eater
  • Being more likely to develop addictive behaviors
  • A stronger or lesser Sexual appetite
  • Being susceptible to diseases
  • And Yes, even mental conditions



A lot of studies have been done on the importance of nutrition and the brain. 

In order for the brain to develop properly, it must get the nutrition that it needs.

If it does not get what it needs, then just like a cars engine that does not get enough oil, or the good fuel it needs for the engine to run, your brain might not develop properly.

If your Brain does not develop properly, it wont function properly. Another example would be a computer. Computers only know what we tell them. If the person programming the computer leaves out an important instruction, sooner or later, the computer is going to develop issues.

it is critical that you feed your brain properly, If you are like me, and have a diet consisting mainly of meat and potatoes, you are going to have to find a good quality supplement.



Exercise is important for a lot of things. It will effect your body and your mind . If you don't exercise, get up off your butt and start.

Even 30 minutes a day will make a huge difference towards your brain starting to function better.

Severe Trauma


Avoidant Personality can be like a time bomb, or disease, that you are a carrier for. Most people that have Avpd had a trauma that happened in their lives that triggered it.

When the mind encountered the trauma, the Avpd came into full bloom.

In other cases, the brain reacted to the trauma and what was a Normal person developed into the Avoidant.

Lack of Socialization as a Child


Another thing that can cause Avoidant Personality to develop is the lack of social skills as a child.

Our school years are much more than just places where we learn our A B C's, and 1 2, 3's,

The main thing we learn are social skills. We learn how to cope with Bullies, we learn how to cope with problems and issues both in our lives and in the lives from others.

If the child is deprived of this social environment they will have problems socializing when they get older.

While this may, or may not, develop into something as serious as Avpd, its a contributing factor., 

Lack of Nutrients going to the brain at just the wrong time


Our most important formative years are ages 0 to 5. The brain though is still developing   into the teens and even into the early 20's.

It is during these critical years that your brain is growing and developing that it must get the nutrients that it needs.

If there was a disruption of nutrients during these years, your brain might have not develop properly.

Any disruption can be a problem. 

Drug Abuse


Most don't seem to want to say this, but we will. 

Drugs are bad, Do you remember those old commercials where there was a pic of a frying pan and a guy with an egg?

Click on the link to watch it. The point is that we do stupid things like put stuff into our bodies, like drugs, that the body does not like, does not want, and will cause it to short circuit. 

If you do drugs, or did, this can cause mental issues.

Spiritual Life


A good spiritual life of meditation, prayer and looking to that higher power for comfort and help is beneficial in lots and lots of ways.

We are spiritual beings and we need to be connected to a