Avoidant Personality Disorder Research & Teaching Center

Avoidant Personality Disorder is part of Needs Met. Needs Met is the 501c3 ministry and is the umbrella for Avoidant Personality Disorder Research & Teaching Center.

Needs Met meets needs like Food, Clothing, and Financial assistance. The center deals with mental health Needs. 

Avoidant Personality Disorder Research & Teaching Center focuses on a mental condition called Avoidant Personality Disorder (Avpd).

Avpd is a condition that also includes Major Depression, Severe Social Anxiety and many other mental conditions.

Mental disorders are running rampant in our society. To see evidence of this, all one has to do is watch the news The news is full of stories of mass killings, suicide, suicide by cop, school shootings and many other violent crimes. 

Many of the people that carried out these atrocities were mentally ill and suffered from AVPD, Major Depression and other mental conditions. These might have been able to be avoided if the perpetrators had received the help that they needed. 

It is to this end that Avoidant Personality Disorder Research & Teaching Center wants to help. We are a small nonprofit with a very big vision. We want to help those with Avpd and these other mental conditions find the help that they need.

Phillip is in the process of writing a book about Avpd, and developing online classes to help teach those with mental disorders tools that will help them cope with their disorder and pointing them to places where they can get additional help.

Our mission is to Research these mental conditions and teach anyone how to help those with these disorders. 

We are searching for funding opportunities so that we can accomplish these goals.