About Phillip

My name is Phillip and I was born with Avoidant Personality.

In my 40's, somehow I managed to land the women of my dreams, but Avpd almost destroyed me, my wife and our marriage. We were married for 15 years, which I call Round 1.

During that 15 years I was not nice at all. In fact, I was a down right jerk. I did some bad things and put my wife through a lot of pain. Somehow she hung on for 15 years, but then one day, she had all she could take and we divorced. We were divorced for 1 year.

During that year, things got so bad for me that I was checked into mental hospital. I got the help I needed and found the path to healing. 

After a year of being apart, one day my wife saw this change and said she wanted to work on our friendship.

Little did she know that I had bigger plans for us. I took her to Seattle, which is her favorite place, and to the Seattle Farris Wheel.

While the wheel was stuck at the very top, I got down on 1 knee and proposed with the ring I had carefully hidden all day. 

Now we are in Round 2. God has restored our marriage and we are happy. 

Pass On What I Learned About Avoidant Personality

I was clinically diagnosed with Avoidant Personality Disorder (Avpd) while in the Air Force. In the 50  years that I have had this disorder, I have learned a lot from it. 

Paul in Philippians 4:12, 

"I know what it is like to have no hope, and I  know what it is like to finally find hope." I want to share that same  hope with you.

Avpd  is a disorder that affects millions of people all over the world.  Millions more, of what I call “Normals”, are desperately trying to  figure out how to be in a relationship with someone that has Avpd.

I  am now married and we have a teenage daughter. After years of struggling,  and almost losing my family many times, I finally found what I had been  looking for. I bet you are expecting me to say that I found Jesus,  right?

Well, you would be both right and wrong. I did find Jesus and become a Christian, but that was 35 years ago. Like so many of us, I  thought that when I became a Christian, I would be automatically and  instantly healed of all my issues and life would be a bed of roses.

I was wrong. If you have Avpd, when you became a Christian, chances are that you became a Christian that has Avpd. If you smoked before becoming a Christian, once you became a Christian, you probably became a Christian that smoked. Same story for Drugs, Depression, Addictions to Pornography, Cutting, etc. 

The good news is that you don’t have to stay that way.  There is freedom in Christ and I we here to share our story.

While God can certainly heal you instantly when you become a Christian of these things, more often than not, He does not. The reasons for this are simple, but do require some explaining. 

If you want to read about the  why, Click here to be taken to my blog and find the one called Why Does God Not Heal me?.”

Once I learned how to get the healing God provided, I have not looked back. Now that I am on the road to healing, God asked me to share what I learned with others.

When Jesus walked among us, His ministry was one of healing, and remains so to this day. Contrary to what you will read and hear from most mental health professionals and mental health organizations, Avpd and the related issues can be healed. It does require work though. 

You have a choice to make today. You can choose to keep Avpd, or you can choose to  be an overcomer !

If you are ready to overcome Avpd, Depression  and these other issues, go through this web site, sign up for my class,  read my book, and contact me. I am here to help and lead you into  becoming an overcomer.

Phillip & Avoidant Personality Disorder
Phillip & Avoidant Personality Disorder